Season is definately here...
7 Nov 2011
Sarasota Violist's Escapades
Yup, its true, believe it or not, the season for concerts and gigs is officially in full swing.  Hard to believe everything got so busy all at once.

This weekend's Masterworks concert with SWFLSO went very well - one more repeat performance tonight at Shell Point (Monday 7:30pm).  The energy in the orchestra on Saturday night was amazing... you could really tell that every single musician was completely involved in the music.  The glorious big ending to Liszt Les Preludes echoed through the hall, and set the tone for a great performance.  I have to say, though, the Brahms has been my favorite piece for this concert series.  His second symphony is just so jam-packed with tunes that get stuck in your head, and its so much fun to play.  The audience clearly loved the performance on Saturday, and I know we really appreciated having so many people there.

This week proves to be quite busy... here's a quick run down:

Monday - Shell Point - SWFLSO Masterworks 1 (7:30pm)

Tuesday - Palm Strings Quartet Rehearsal - Beethoven Op. 18, No. 1 and some Tangos!

Wednesday - An evening for rest!!!

Thursday - South Shore Symphony Rehearsal for our holiday concert.

Friday - SWFLSO Pops 1, rehearsal and concert

Saturday - AMICCO dress rehearsal, SWFLSO Pops 1 Concert

Sunday - AMICCO Concert.

lets see, did I forget anything? I hope not!!!

Looks like it's time to keep my calendar close and handy at all times!!

I'm spending as much extra time as possible working on the music for this next weekend's SWFLSO Pops concert.  I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to play as Principal viola for this series.  Should be a fun one - The Great American Songbook.  More to come on this later in the week :)?
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